Claire’s Army

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On behalf of Pridemore Properties, I would like to express gratitude to Claire’s parents Kevin & Emily Ratliff for allowing Pridemore Properties to be a sponsor of the inaugural Claire’s Army golf tournament. Many thanks, to Will Bishop, Van Deane and Brian Crowder for Partnering up with me to support Claire’s Army. -Scott Pridemore

To make a difference, Claire’s Army wants to:

* Provide each of the newly diagnosed families with a Claire Package. This useful utility tote will contain essentials such as towels, a bath mat, room disinfectant, plastic utensils, dish-washing liquid, dryer sheets, and a journal, just to name a few.

* Offer parents ways to celebrate significant times of the year – purchase Christmas trees and decorations for hospital rooms as well as families’ homes. Make birthdays and positive test results extra special with personalized gifts and cards.

* Offset financial strain of families by providing grocery store/pharmacy, gasoline, and restaurant gift cards.

* Deliver meals to the patient and family in the hospital as well as parents and siblings who are at home.

To learn more about Claire’s Army visit

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