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John Shaw

John Shaw

Broker, Realtor®

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Real estate is a journey that I take alongside my clients, serving as a trusted guide and friendly helper. I’m the guy who totes the packs, clears the path ahead, and shares the local lore along the way. I make space for home buyers and sellers to relax, see clearly, and make the best decision when we arrive at the fork in the road.
When I began my career in real estate, I came from a place of being ready to put down roots in a community and start a family of my own. Owning a home and calling a community “mine” seemed like an elusive goal during my younger days.
I grew up in a military family, so my three brothers and I had experienced relocation and travel as a lifestyle. As I advanced into young adulthood, I landed in event marketing, a career that kept me moving and contributed to my nomad bachelor lifestyle. It seemed normal that home was Vermont, a place I never lived, but felt deep connections with my extended family members. Before I knew it, I was in my mid-thirties, and still seeking that special woman to settle down with and build a family life.
It wasn’t until I met Nancy that I could truly envision that home of my dreams. Nancy is my keystone and foundation. She had to set me straight during the dating process, but I eventually persuaded her to follow me up Mount Mansfield and put the ring on her finger at the Mountain Chapel in Stowe, Vermont.
I have never looked back. The value that arises from creating a home and family within a supportive community is life-giving. It’s hard to believe that we’ve been in Charlotte 13 years, and are raising our two girls, Gabrielle and Juliana, in the Huntersville community.
Nancy is also in real estate. In fact, witnessing her happiness in helping people find homes was the spark for me to also become a broker/REALTOR®. It’s truly been a wonderful profession in that it gives me a purpose that helps me be a better me.
“Take a deep breath, and hand your anxiety over to me.”
Buying or selling a home can be stressful. I want my clients to look back on the experience with a positive feeling, so I’m going to work hard to bring forward solutions and make the process as easy as possible.
I see my work as a vocation, not a job, and my clients and colleagues as friends. I joined Pridemore Properties because the focus is on the relationships with people, not the transactions. That meshes with my philosophy of being available to help people before, during and after taking care of business. I like being the eyes and ears for others to know what’s changing in the community and the region. You might hear from me to alert you about traffic conditions and road closures or a greenway that’s opening, or maybe to say congrats when your team wins the championship.
Working with Pridemore Properties in Huntersville is the perfect fit for me.

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